The Cebu Furniture Industry


Responsible for over 60% of the Philippine exports, Cebu is recognized as the furniture capital of the Philippines. It lives up to its reputation as it consistently and steadily brings in a substantial percentage share of the country’s furniture export sales. Cebu has all the potentials of becoming a major player in the international scene. At present, it is serving the European, North American, the Middle Eastern, and Asian markets. Thus making it a furniture resource of great promise.┬áTo date, the Philippine furniture export industry, with Cebu as its biggest contributor, ranks among the top ten import source countries of the USA. A big 70% of the total furniture products of the country are exported to the US, and the remaining 30% distributed to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Cebu manufacturers are known for their superior design capabilities and craftsmanship, playing a big role in promoting and establishing Cebu as the Design Destination of Asia. Cebu designers and manufacturers make use of indigenous materials such as sea grass, abaca (manila hemp), arorog and butay (coconut twig) mixed with wood, bamboo, rattan, stone and wrought iron. Other materials used are animal skins, shells, seeds, leaves and tree barks. Even termite mounds have been used in the production of furniture pieces. Furniture companies have started to produce eco-friendly furniture pieces. These items are showcased in Cebu International Furniture & Furnishings Exhibition ( CEBUNEXT ) .

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