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The Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), Inc. is the primary industry support organization of the furniture manufacturers and exporters in thePhilippines.

It is the voice of the country’s furniture export industry and also serves as the rationalizing body. Through its developmental efforts, CFIF provides a venue for discussion and resolution of industry-related issues.

Established in 1974, CFIFInc.is envisioned as a support organization to Cebu’s furniture industry, strengthening cooperation among members and responding to the needs of the industry’s international and domestic markets and to make the Philippine Furniture Industry the leader of high-quality, design-oriented furniture and furnishings in Southeast Asia.


Make the Philippine Furniture industry the leader of high quality, design – oriented furniture and furnishings inSoutheast Asia.


  • Contribute to the sustainable growth of the Philippine furniture export industry through promotions, human resource development and advocacy
  • Serve as a forum wherein industry-related issues are discussed and resolved
  • Help members adhere to standards of excellence, integrity, social and environmental responsibility
  • Provide progressive opportunities and rewards to its employees

Production Coverage

The Philippine furniture industry offers a diverse range of products which vary according to function, material, size, and utility. Home furniture is the most popular functional category among manufacturers. This product line includes dining, kitchen, living room, bedroom, patio, den, home entertainment centers, home offices, garden/ outdoor furniture, among others. Many firms, however, also produce furniture for hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices and institutions, retailers (shelves, accessories for display windows, and other visual merchandising implements), and other furniture sub-market segments, domestically and overseas.

Cebu-made furniture is known to be highly creative, innovative and design-oriented. Cebu furniture companies are engaged in the production and export of high quality furniture and furnishings made of wood, rattan, stone, metal, mixed media and non-traditional materials (horns, twigs, coconut, sea shells, seaweed vines and bamboo).

Product groups include: upholstered seats and non-upholstered seats; furniture for bedroom, living room, kitchen, outdoor furniture; furniture parts/components; furniture made of wood, iron, stone, rattan, bamboo, other materials and those with plastic components.

Organizational Set-up


CFIF has two types of membership: regular members—manufacturers and exporters—and associate members—subcontractors. CFIF has 88 regular members and 9 associate members.

About 40 percent of CFIF membership is composed of small enterprises while 48 percent are medium-sized. A small percentage can be classified as large-scale.


CFIF has a Board of Trustees that is composed of 13 members who oversee and give general direction to the organization. The Board is headed by a president. The Board also appoints an executive director who serves as the chief operating officer of the Foundation and leads the secretariat.

Source of Raw Materials

As the primary support organization of the Philippine home furnishings export industry, CFIF helped its members through their evolution from rattan to stone craft to wrought iron furniture to mixed media. With the help of its partners, CFIF has guided members to tap non-traditional materials
like animal bones and skin, sea urchin and garden wastes.

The success of the furniture industry through the years has been borne by the challenges that it continues to face. Availability of raw materials is a perennial problem but while the industry has been unable to address the issue, industry players have chosen to be creative and innovative in finding alternatives.

The use of non-traditional materials has also enabled CFIF members to attract certain market segments. Use of recycled materials, for instance, attracts the environment-conscious market in Europe

Production Capacity

Total production capacity of the Cebu Furniture and Furnishings industry is 49,000 containers per year of which 30% is utilized production capacity.


CFIF members directly employ about 40,000 people while their subcontractors provide jobs to about 50,000 to 60,000 people. More than 40 percent of furniture manufacturers and exporters in Cebu tap the services of subcontractors.


  • Double efforts in tapping new markets
  • Strengthen our competitive advantage: our creativity, design innovation and craftsmanship.
  • The industry’s need for continued government support in: trade promotion, innovation, and market intelligence
  • A new positioning strategy in the area of “green products.”
  • Cebu as the Destination of Sustainably Produced Furniture and Furnishings

Organizational Strengths

  • Design and material innovation anchored on sustainability principles Quality
  • Creative designers
  • Skilled workforce
  • Pool of trainable talents for direct and indirect employment
  • Professional business practices
  • Existence of subcontractors
  • Availability of indigenous raw materials
  • Development of non-traditional materials
  • Availability of locally fabricated equipment (DOST assistance)
  • Ability to import machinery used in production
  • Continuous product development – Cebu generate 75 to 100 new designs a year
  • Compliance to environmental regulations
  • Corporate social responsibility programs – CFIF involves member-companies in tree planting programs

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