CFIF’s Re-roof a School Project

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is made possible because of your kind generosity and support:
  1. Clear Export Industries Incorporated
  2. Catarman Industries Incorporated
  3. Casa Cebuana Incorporada
  4. Coast Pacific Manufacturing Corporation
  5. Crafters of Cebu. Incorporated
  6. CYMRU Fine Furniture and Accessories Traders
  7. Bon-Ace Fashion Tools Incorporated
  8. Sir Edwin Rivera
  9. Hacienda Crafts Company Incorporated
  10. Mehitabel Incorporated
  11. Mobilia Products Incorporated
  12. Murillo’s Export International, Incorporated
  13. Pacific Traders and Manufacturing Corporation
  14. Stonesets International Incorporated
  15. Cebu Fil-Veneer Corporation
On behalf of CFIF and from the beneficiary of this project, Thank You!