Furniture and Furnishings Sale radiates with Festive Celebrations

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The furniture and furnishings Sale at Paseo Arcenas in Banawa was ignited by four of CFIF’s dynamic company members which took place during the Christmas season last year, started on the first day of December until the fifteenth day of the month. As the last Sale posed a successful experience, another Furniture and Furnishings Sale was held in time for the Sinulog Festival which lasted for 24 days, from January 8 to 31, 2013. This activity was organized by the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), Inc. Among the company members who joined the event are the Stonesets International, Clear Export Industries, Janice Minor Export Incorporated together with Angel Whisper Gifts and Crafts, all were showcasing authentic concoction with surprising variety of materials that possess intricate and exquisite design details.

The venue of the Sale was the Paseo Arcenas, in Banawa, Cebu City. Paseo Arcenas is a strategic location for such venture since the people living in close proximity with the venue are mostly affluent and represent the middle to high-end market.  Furthermore, the location of the furniture display is just right close to the supermarket, restaurants, private offices, leisure center and Pharmacy in the area wherein people of all ages and from all walks of life come for their needs and leisure activities.   As people pass by the display, some of them found their selves flabbergasted by the artistry as well as the design intricacy of every furniture and furnishing pieces. Thus ,they come to the venue looking for items that possess exceptional details and captivating looks, though some customers mind to consider whether items on sale are priced reasonably, hence, wittingly end up haggling for discounts.

Most of the prospects’ main concerns are the specific materials the items are made of, the company it represent and of course our best approach to business “the bargaining effort”. Some of the customers would ask for 15 to 20% additional discounts plus delivery service. Dining sets (made of wood) are the most sought-after items of the clients, but are not available in the exhibit, while vases, chairs and tables are among the most saleable items. Other prospect customers are extremely engrossed to buy the items but are taken aback by the high prices. Indeed, local customers prefer to buy items that are mostly catered according to the local market needs.

These furniture and furnishings Sale, served as an avenue for the furniture lovers and glamorous furnishing décor designers to find and buy items with reasonable prices.