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Address: H. Abellana Ext., Pagsabungan, Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: Mr. Charles Belleza
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (032) 345.0241 to 42 ; 345.8603
Fax: (032) 346.9197
Email: |

Product Lines: Indoor / Outdoor Furniture & Furnishings

Materials Used: 


Incorporated 1987.

Started its production of rattan furniture for export to Japan in 1988 until 1990, three years since it started its operation.

Initial number of workers was only four and the initial working capital was Php300,000.

In 1991, started producing stone inlaid furniture, which was becoming popular in Cebu. This involves gluing thin slabs of stones on the surfaces of a plywood base and polishing the stone to a flat finish thereby achieving a look of a solid marble piece.

Noting the price war among stonecraft manufacturers, the company also began to experiment different applications and combinations of local materials in furniture and accessories for the home.

In 1992, applied for a patent with the Bureau of Patents, Trade Marks and Technology on inlaying stone mosaics on furniture and home accessories. This involves gluing of tiny pieces of stones on the surfaces of a base like plywood but emphasizing the gaps between the stones. The resulting appearance was considered dirty and of poor workmanship compared to the traditional stonecraft in Cebu.

In 1994, the patent was approved and the company started to attend International shows exhibiting their new mosaic product lines. Through the years, it has attended shows in the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel and Spain.

In 1995, it received the Golden Shell Award for the product design which is the highest export award in the Philippines.

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