One-on-one Consultancy with Prof. Frank Sander

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Date: May 16 – 20, 2011

Venue: ECCP Conference, ECCP Cebu Office, Cebu City


  Prof. Sander’s discussed and gave insights to individual companies regarding   their current products designs, direction to EU furniture design and its             marketability, going to the diverse market segment in the EU and                     emphasizes on using Filipino craftsmanship like weaving and carving that         sets for a contemporary look. He also gave guidelines on where to start in       development product designs the match the European taste.

He also visited the production facility and local showroom one of the                 companies where he showed the owner and management how to used their     production strength’s for more contemporary designs



Companies Attended:

  1. Coast Pacific Mfg. Corp.
  2. Catarman Industries
  3. Casa Cebuana Incorporada
  4. Clear Export Industries, Inc.
  5. Detalia Aurora, Inc.
  6. Interior Crafts of the Island, Inc.
  7. Mastercraft Phils., Inc.
  8. Giardini del Sole Mfg and Trading Corp.
  9. APY Cane, Inc.
  10. Design Ventures Cebu, Inc.