Eco-Design Training Series: Phase II (with Marketing Consultancy)

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By: Prof. Jan Armgardt and Prof. Auwi Stuebbe

Date: June 27-29, 2011 (Workshops)

         June 30-July 09, 2011 (Company Visits)

Venue: DOST Training Room, DOST Office, Lahug, Cebu City



Prof. Armgardt and Prof. Stuebbe begin the workshop by drawing the participant’s dreams for the whole industry, company and as designer. An important step in guiding them for their design direction. Workshop is then carried out where designer are doing product designs in a scale models.


Companies Attended:

1. Coast Pacific Mfg. Corp

2. Catarman Industries

3. Casa Cebuana Incorporada

4. Clear Export Industries, Inc. (for marketing consultancy only)

5. Detalia Aurora, Inc.

6. Mastercraft Phils., Inc.

7. APY Cane, Inc.

8. Nature’s Legacy Eximport, Inc.

9. San Gabriel Metal Concepts,  Inc. (for marketing consultancy)

10. Obra Cebuana, Inc. (for marketing consultancy only)

11. Design Ventures Cebu, Inc. (for marketing consultancy only)