Eco-Design Training Series: Phase 1

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By: Prof. Frank Sander

Date: May 9-13, 2011

Venue: DOST Training Room, DOST Office, Lahug, Cebu City

Phase I

The activity started with a meeting for owners/representatives the pre-selected companies in order to discuss and present the project objectives and specifically the aim and methodology of the Eco-Design training and its relation to the project’s other activity which is the Resource Efficiency and Clean Production assessment.

In the training proper Prof. Sander, presentations are focused on helping designers and product developers create eco-friendly products, while taking three important eco-issues into consideration: health (people), eco-systems and renewable resources (planet) and marketability of products (profit). He also shows different designs that are eco-friendly and fit in the European market.


Participating Companies :

  1. Coast Pacific Mfg. Corp.
  2. Pacific Traders & Mfg. Corp.
  3. Stonesets International, Inc.
  4. Catarman Industries Inc.
  5. Casa Cebuana Incorporada
  6. Clear Export Industries, Inc.
  7. Cebu Fil-Veneer Corp.
  8. Detalia Aurora, Inc.
  9. Interior Crafts of the Island, Inc.
  10. Mastercraft Phils., Inc.
  11. Giardini del Sole Mfg and Trading Corp.
  12. APY Cane, Inc.
  13. Obra Cebua, Inc.
  14. Design Ventures Cebu, Inc.