SMART Cebu walk-through

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SMART (SMEs for environmental Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency) Cebu Project Nucleus Counselors continue to visit CFIF members as the number of visited companies reached 48 as of April this year. The company visit is the initial phase of the project that involves gathering of information (e.g. production and waste management) about the company and conducting the cleaner production walk-through.

These are the companies that have undergone the SMART Cebu walk-through:

  1. APY Cane Inc.
  2. Ambiente Designs International Inc.
  3. Axent Wood Corporation
  4. Berben Wood Industries Inc.
  5. Brianex Cane Inc.
  6. Casa Cebuana Incorporada
  7. Catarman Industries Inc.
  8. Cebu Fil-veneer Corporation
  9. Cebu Natura Crafts, Phils Inc.
  10. Clear Export Industries Inc.
  11. Coast Pacific Manufacturing Corporation
  12. Crafters of Cebu Inc.
  13. Daniele Furniture Corp.
  14. Design Ventures Cebu Inc.
  15. Detalia Aurora Inc.
  16. Diamond Cane International Inc.
  17. Egay Furnicraft
  18. Fern’s Finewood Furniture Inc.
  19. Frecaluck
  20. Giardini del Sole Manufacturing & Trading Corporation
  21. Heritage Muebles Mirabile Export Inc.
  22. Hacienda Crafts Company Inc.
  23. Horizon International Manufacturing Inc.
  24. Interior Crafts of the Island Inc.
  25. Janice Minor Export Inc.
  26. Josephine Fine Arts Industries
  27. Kirsten International Philippines Inc.
  28. Kurneza Furniture & Design Concepts
  29. Lenbert Manufacturing Inc. (Plant 1 and 2)
  30. Lenbert Manufacturing Inc. (Plant 3)
  31. Maitland Smith Inc.
  32. Mastercraft Phils. Inc.
  33. Mehitabel Inc.
  34. Murillo’s Export International Inc.
  35. Nature’s Legacy Eximport Inc.
  36. Obra Cebuana Inc.
  37. Pacific Accent
  38. Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation (Plant 1)
  39. Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation (Plant 2)
  40. Paragon Export
  41. QFD Furnicraft
  42. Robai International Corporation
  43. Sky Shine Furniture Designs
  44. Stonesets International Inc.
  45. Stoneworld Impex Inc.
  46. Tumandok Crafts Industries
  47. Venus Crafts Corporation
  48. Worldmark Furniture Industries Inc.

Data from these visits will be used in coming up with interventions aimed at increasing a company’s competitiveness in terms of clean production. Aside from promoting clean production practices, the SMART Cebu Project will also be organizing activities focusing on green design and marketing to be offered to interested companies who are committed to the project’s objectives.

For those interested in having their companies visited for the walk-through, please contact CFIF through telephone numbers 420-9189 and 236-3937.