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Address: Tawason, Canduman, Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: MR. JUNJEE LIM
Position: President / General Manager
Phone: (6332) 422.1881 / 318.2352
Fax: (6332) 422.1880

Product Lines: Accent Furniture, Casegoods, Potteries, Furniture accessories

Materials Used: Solid Wood, CARB MDF/Plywood, wrought iron, resin, cast stone, marble inlays indigenous materials


obai International Corporation competes in the global market and captures a considerable market share, this favorable situation creates an increasing demand in production pushing thecompany to expand its plant and acquire additional modern equipment to accommodate the growing market requirements. The company has acquired an 8,000 sq. meter lot in Tayud, Lilo-an for a projected expansion in year 2007. The existing 3,200 sq. meter lot in Tawason, Mandaue City, having a 2,000 square meter total work area has been successfully modernized and reorganized to increase plant capacity and productivity. The acquisition of modern equipments and its usage certainly aid Robai and its employees in the realization of its goals.

Inspired by its vision, the management is determined to be among the accredited companies by the International Standard Organization (IS0) in the near future. At present, the company is re-aligning its corporate structure in consonance with its vision to becoming a world-class furniture exporter in the Philippines.

Robai employs daily paid workers. For it to meet its volume of sales, Robai subcontracts. This strategy has been proven to generate quality cost – efficient results as subcontractors utilize their entrepreneurial skills in completing the assigned job.

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