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Company Name: OBRA CEBUANA, INC.
Address: Arcenas Compound, R. Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: MR. EDWIN G. RIVERA / Ms. Ann Tubalado
Position: General Manager / Marketing Assistant
Phone: (6332) 261.2939 / 261.2844
Fax: (6332) 253.1621

Product Lines: Indoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories, Lamp & Light Fixtures, Home Furnishings, Furniture Accents

Materials Used: Aluminum, abaca, abaca fibers, bamboo, brass (cast / ingots), buntal, casted brass, coco shell, fiberglass, fossilstones, glass, indigenous materials, inlays, lamp components, lampakanai, leather, leatherette, lumber, MDF, mixed media, plastic, plywood, polylite, polyresin, polyurethane, rattan poles, rattan splits, resin, sea grass, sealer, shell, solid wood (gmelina, lauan), stainless steel, stonetops, synthetic fiber, stingray skin, water hyacinth, wicker, woven abaca, wrought iron


In 1990, seeing the potential of the furniture export market, the Arcenas family decided to venture into direct manufacturing and export of top-of-the-line furniture and home accessories and established Obra Cebuana, Inc.

Today, Obra Cebuana, Inc. is a respected exporter of furniture, home accessories, and lighting articles and is noted for its classic designs and superior craftsmanship. Successfully participating in local trade fairs and producing exclusively for export, Obra Cebuana has found a comfortable niche in the industry.

With so many furniture companies located around South East Asia, Obra Cebuana, Inc.
opted to concentrate on its core strengths and capabilities which are – Customer Satisfaction and versatile, superior furniture and home accessory Designs.

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