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Address: H. Abellana Ext., Pagsabungan, Mandaue City 6014 Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: MRS. NANCY PO-KO
Position: General Manager
Phone: (6332) 236.0415 / 512.3588
Fax: (6332) 236.0415
Email: ;

Product Lines: Indoor Furniture & Furnishings, Home Accessories

Materials Used: abaca, tin, iron

About the Company:

Enpekei International, Inc . was incorporated in 1995 and stands for the initials of the owner’s name (NPK). It specializes in design-oriented products.

The company boasts of its young and dynamic research and development team who takes charge of extensive product development. More than a hundred new product designs are released each year, mostly furniture and decorative accessories handcrafted by artisans. Each piece is made of indigenous materials carefully finished by hand, thus producing a unique work of art.

The company has participated in shows in Milan, Frankfurt, Valencia, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Hongkong and Manila.  It has garnered numerous awards for design in the shows it joined both in the Philippines and abroad.  In Enpekei, quality and design are always a priority.

The company also sells to department stores, for interior designs and hotel projects.  Some of its product pieces were used in the Hollywood Grammy Awards ceremony.  It ships to the U.S.A., Europe, Middle East and Asia. It has a capacity of filling fifteen 40-footer container vans monthly

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