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Address: G. Ouano St., Alang-Alang Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: MS. ELEONOR GALAN
Position: Chief Finance Officer
Phone: (6332) 346.5090
Fax: +63.32.328.3908

Product Lines: Indoor / Outdoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories

Materials Used: Aluminum casting, bamboo, brass (cast / ingots), casted brass, coco shell, crystal glasses, etched glass, fiberglass, forged iron, glass, hand painting, horn, indigenous materials, inlays (shell), lamp components, leather, leather inlaid, leather upholstered, lumber, MDF, metal, mixed media, outdoor plastic materials, parchment, plastic, plyboard, plywood, polylite, polyresin, polyurethane, PU foam, rattan splits, resin, sealer, shell, solid wood (lauan, American hardwood, European hardwood, mahogany), stainless steel, stonecast, stonetops, stingray skin, upholstery leather, veneer, wrought iron

About the Company:

Pride Sasser Home Furnishings (PSHF) and Cosonsa Manufacturing, Inc. is a maker of furniture, home accessories and lighting fixtures in all types of media (e.g. wood, stone, ceramics, steel and other metals). Our main office is based in Cebu, Philippines, considered as the furniture capital of the country.

We are making high-end products for the upper end of home furnishings market worldwide.  We currently deliver to the United StatesEurope and throughout Asia, serving customers such as:Century Furniture, Baker Interiors, Henredon Furniture, EJ Victor, Ralph Lauren, Maitland Smith, Artistica, Harden Furniture, Kreiss Collection among others.

Our furniture manufacturing and sourcing group has 17 years of experience in Southeast Asia.  During this period, we have gained intimate knowledge of the region, its people and cultural environment.  We also have offices in Hong KongPeople’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Philippines.  We also employ QC survey contractors in China (PRC), Vietnam, Thailand and India.

Our expertise in manufacturing, logistics, packaging and QC/Survey functions have been applied to a variety of areas, namely contract and residential interior furnishings.

The Philippine factory is located at G. Ouano Street, Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, Cebu with 18,648 sq. meters for Plant 1.  Our Plant 2 building was built in 2006 which is located at Curva, San Vicente, Lilo-an Cebu for our finishing and upholstery department.  We have exclusive piece workers and over 200 dedicated personnel.

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