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Company Name: C.C EX-IMP INC.
Address: Basak, Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: MS. LINA O. BAYRON
Position: Marketing Manager
Phone: (6332) 345-3058 / 346-0354
Fax: (6332) 346-0354 / 345-1061

Product Lines: Indoor/Outdoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories Lamps & Light Fixtures, Home Furnishings.

Materials Used: stone, fiber & wrought iron, coco shell, aluminum casting, aluminum, fossilstones, glass, plywood, polylite, polyresin, lumber, lamp components, resin, stonecast


C.C. EX-IMP, INC. was established in 1989 and more than 19 years in the industry with the best features & specialization on Stone-Inlayed, Laminated Furniture, Home Furnishing & lately the Stone Cast Products.

Over the course 19 years, we strongly believe and pursue that we will be able to make an elegant, classic and timeless design, yet affordable to the market in order to serve a high quality standard product innovation for many of our clients globally.

C.C. EX-IMP, INC. creates a modern designed and produces many wonderful pieces of art, worth of adoring the finest homes made of stone – inlayed, resin, wrought iron and laminated products in such it is skillfully handcrafted by our men. Every pieces is completely unique and ever changing.

Our Vision…

To create a well-designed, magnificent, timeless & truly beautiful product that is suitable for indoor/outdoor decors for home, offices and hotels

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