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Address: Basak Road, Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Philippines
Members Status: Regular
Position: President
Phone: (6332) 520-5413/ 520-6059
Fax: 6332) 520-5412
Email: |

Product Lines: Indoor / Outdoor Furniture & Furnishings

Materials Used: Stone, wrought iron, woven avaca, rattan, wicker, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, alumninum casting, coco shell, fossilstones, lampakanai, leatherette, MDF, metal, mixed media, outdoor plastic materials, plyboard, plywood, polylite, polyresin, polyurethane, PU foam, rattan poles, rattan splits, resin, sea grass, sealer, shell, stainless steel, stonecast, stonetops, synthetic fiber, stringray skin, venner, water hyacinth, wicker, woven abaca, wrought iron.


Asian Vine Furniture was established in 1976 and soon emerged as a rattan and wicker leader in the Cebu furniture industry. It primarily exported to the United States. Asian Vine entered the European and Middle Eastern countries when it diversified into stone inlayed products and wrought iron furniture in the eighties.

Asian Vine reinvented itself when it launched the 2002 collections. Recognizing the shifting trend in the global furniture market, it introduced its first mixed media collection and the home accessories line, using stone and resin casting technology. Its pool of young designers developed the use of natural materials, delicately arranged to make the most exquisite of tabletop, floor and wall decors.

AVF, as fondly called by its 120 regular employees, is now supplying to some of the best-known retailers and department stores around the globe. The AVF Team, many of whom have stayed with the company for seventeen…twenty, years, provides the best customer care service and guarantees the highest quality standards in all its products.

In recognition of its innovative approach in furniture and creative integration of indigenous materials, Asian Vine was presented the Golden Shell Awards in 1990 by the Department of Trade and Industry. It operates on its 15,000 sq. m. property in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. As the company believes in the preservation of the environment and the correct use of natural resources, Asian Vine has implemented the Environmental Management System since 2003. It is currently working for the ISO 14001 and 9001 certification.

For 2004, AVF has, once again, reinvented itself. Keeping abreast with the growing popularity of the synthetic fiber as the preferred choice of outdoor furniture, AVF has introduced its EASY GARDEN line. Using synthetic fiber of the strongest and most durable quality, each piece is handwoven into aluminum frame in the tradition of Asian Vine’s highest quality standard. This line is completely weatherproof and low maintenance. You can keep it outside under the sun and rain, all year round.

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