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Address: Corner Sitio, Bagacay & Tawagan Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu
Members Status: Regular
Contact Person: Lorelei E. Rodriguez
Position: President
Phone: (6332) 424-6551
Mobile: (0917) 626 0200
Fax: (6332) 345-4680 / 424-6551

Product Lines: Indoor / Outdoor Home Furnishings / Accessories, Lamps & Lights Fixtures

Materials Used: Shells, Leather, rattan, stone, metal, wood, other local indigenous materials


Accessoria Inc. is a company envisioned to create home accessories that complement modern and high-end furniture. Our passion to create beautiful and innovative products has been the guiding strength for our ventures with present and future business partners. Accessoria has achieved a vision with the reputation as one of the best accessory companies in the country.

In 1999, Accessoria was founded on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines, and soon after in 2001, we introduced our very first creations. The company was granted sponsorship by the Dutch government to join the Frankfurt, Germany Shows. This first major marketing activity opened our products to opportunities and worldwide distribution. With major buyers from the USA and European countries, this success afforded the company to build our headquarters in Consolacion, a charming town at the north of Cebu. This proud and modern building houses facilities which includes our offices, finishing plant and showroom.

Accessoria’s products is the result of a savvy and an ambitious team of designers and staff. Abundant and renewable in our islands and forests, the materials we use are from intensive sourcing and discovery. An equally important resource is the talent and skill of Cebu artisans. The unique materials, labor, dedication and the constantly evolving artistry are the ingredients that make Accessoria products exceptional and defined.

We globally export our products and serve to the local/commercial contract jobs in the country as well. Accessoria continues to participate in Lifestyle shows and present new products through creative media.

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